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This project asks that students put together a news reel on the major U.S. events of the Second World War (Pearl Harbor, The African Campaign, D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, The holocaust, and the Atomic Bombing of Japan).This is an activity also…

UN poster.jpg
This is a poster activity for the United Nations in Post-World War II world activities

World War II news real.

This is a news real from World War II to be used as apart of the News Real Project.

This is the chart that compares and contrasts Hitler and Mussolini’s speeches.

This is a lesson plan for the propaganda posters of World War One where students are asked to examine propaganda posters used in World War I and then create their own World War I style poster for the League of Nations.

Mandated to Protect

This is a video produced by The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). This video explores the UN's new Mandate to Protect and explores how it works. The M2P program is seen as the UN's solution to 21st century Peacekeeping.

Can the UN Keep the Peace?

This video and support materials and activities asks students to view the United Nations effectiveness as a peacekeeping force in the 21st century

The History of the United Nations

This is a brief video of the history of the United Nations.

Mussolini's speech

This is a speech by Mussolini to the people of Italy

Hitler Speech

These are accurately transcribed speeches of Hitler during his rise to power

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